Another scream for humanity!

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humanityI have to stick to this issue; I have to set my soul free, I have to speak my mind; I have to scream and make my point clear. There is still something urging to be said!

Civilly courageous people exist, they are alive, they were there in the past and there are still some out there! I would like to mention a couple of them but before I have to take life the way we are living it apart again. I have to dissect our society, our mentality and our cowardice no matter in which area. Especially when it comes to racism though!

I want to talk about a phenomenon of mankind when it comes to civil courage using the example of the “white rose“ during the Nazi-period. Many people will oppose what I want to say. To those that oppose my first lines, please read the entire paragraph and probably you will change your mind.

The “white rose“ was THE most known example of the anti-fascism movement under the terror of the Nazi regime. Founded by a hand full of youngsters, this movement, in its way had a great impact on the society which was the reason for their murder by the Nazis. The longer they were opposing the louder they became, the more reckless they became, the more obvious their antipropaganda got and the more open they fought against the regime. They got sick and tired of invading slowly, silently and peacefully which was their biggest advantage, which made their movement successful. After the second world war when people started realizing how good they were, how much more support they deserved. These six youngsters were presented like idols or saints; they were lifted on a podest so high. They had admirers and fan clubs. There were books and movies written on them. Their pamphlets were sold for humongous amounts of money. Their headers were written on T-shirts and posters, they became the highest ideal for humanity. They were HUMAN for God’s sake! They were no Saints, no angels, no idols, no role models, no legends, not standing on podest. They were like all of us! Like all of us could or should be. They had their doubts, fears and insecurities. They had their week moments! We put these good examples on a podest just for one reason and the reason is not even a good one. We raise their mentality in the air, so we don’t need to compete with them, we don’t need to compare ourselves with them and we glorify them in order for them to be unreachable. THEY ARE NOT! We are scared! We are searching for excuses to sneak out! We are lying to ourselves and we are ready to be cowards in order not to be difficult!

If we talk about guts, civil courage and humanity, these names are inevitable, they changed the society vitally. Sophie and Hans Scholl, Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Ute Bock, Nelson Mandela, Fela Kuti, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Pope Johannes Paul the second, Che Guevara, Jeanne D’arch, Simon Wiesenthal, Dalai Lama, Reverent Spee and probably your neighbour is one of them too and you don’t even know.

I love being difficult for the state, I love being difficult for racists and I love being difficult for fascists! I am proud of my way of looking at life! I am not saying that I am perfect. I am far from being perfect but nobody can shut me up! Nobody can scare me without waking the beast in me! Nobody can sneak out a confrontation and a discussion. I am not trying to persuade the unpersuadable but I am trying to make them see the world from my point of view. If they stick to their belief at least they started thinking even if it was just for a split second! If there is just one out of a billion that starts reconsidering, it was worth fighting! I don’t want to line up with these people like Sophie and Hans Scholl, Mahatma Prohandas Gandi, Ute Bock, Nelson Mandela and all the other grand fighters for humanity but before I die, I want people to know that I was on their side. Life is short and if you don’t use it with a lot of care, it slips out of your hand without you knowing it. I know that I will not make a hole in the society accept for my beloved ones but I think I should at least try to make the gap between four threads of a drapery.

Civil courage doesn’t differentiate between nations, skin colour, religion or political orientation. Civil courage is some thing that each and every one of us has to have and stick to. Let your guts guide you.


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