Civil Courage

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civil-courageThe last two of my posts lead me directly to my next issue. Today I want to talk about civil courage.

The definition of civil courage is:

Civil courage (sometimes also referred to as “Social courage”) is defined by many different standards. In general, the term is usually referred to when civilians stand up against something that is deemed unjust and evil, knowing that the consequences of their action might lead to their death, injury or some other form of significant harm.

The meaning of civil courage can be seen from two different points of view:

  1. The civilly courageous is a person that keeps stepping over their borders, that takes a hand in things that they should stay out of as they have nothing to do with him or her. A person that interferes out of there field of responsibility.
  2. The civilly courageous is protecting human whether he or she knows the people or not. He/She stands up for humanity, fights for the rights of others and has the guts to face problems in order to help.

You don’t get rewarded for being civilly courageous, you can’t expect any good outcome but you can visualize counter-reactions. Civil Courage is something really special as mostly you are acting before you thought about the danger you might bring yourself into. It is something that comes from deep inside of you, there is something urging to assuage the desire for justice.  So; it is a reaction and it can also be irrational but there is planned Civil-Courage. Civil Courage with the calculated risk that you are willing to take for something that you think is worth fighting for. No matter which one of the two, no matter whether rationally valuated or not, the respectability is about the same.

Respectable is also the constant decrease of the people having enough civil courage to protect equitableness. It is an unsatisfying development. Everybody seems to look after his own interest first until there is nobody left to stand for our rights. There is a wonderful poem written by Reverent Niemöller, it says:

When the Nazis came to take the communists

I hushed,

As I was no communist

When the social-democrats were locked up,

I hushed,

As I was no social-democrat

When they came to take the unionists

I hushed

As I was no unionist

And when they came to kill me

There was nobody left to protest.

When we talk about civil Courage we are taking about taking responsibility and position. Each and every one of us should be thinking twice before hushing or withdrawing. No matter what it takes, no matter what the impact on your life will be, no matter what the consequences are; God gave us a voice and God gave us a brain, USE IT in a good way to improve the society for the next generation. Our time is already past, our life is already written in the dust, our society is as good as we deserve it and as good as we made it. Civil courage is dying out! Generations before us still had it. It is in coma, let’s try to wake it up and not burry it alive.


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