Civilly courageous people exist!!!

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humanity2I would love to give some good examples of amazing people, great brain and wonderful mental positive activists.

Take for instance Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi:

The salt march: for those that are not quite sure what I mean I would like to give you further details. Gandhi started on the 11th march 1930 in Ahmadabad the salt march for the survival of the Indians under British colonization. Joined by his friends and students and observed by the world’s press, he walked 385 km in 24 days against the English oppressors. Gandhi was jailed for instigating his people against the English. They marched together facing the English that beat them to death. On the 29th of may 1930 a human chain of Satyagrahis marched to the salt mine Dharasana in order to peacefully border it. The mine was guarded by police officers. The group lined up two by two, slowly approaching the guards. The guards didn’t know how to keep them back and beat them down with canes and they did not defend themselves. Some were killed and some were injured badly, the Indians took care of their women and children but they just continued walking one row after the other. The international pressure on the English, increased to the extent that in January 1931 Gandhi was set free from prison. Gandhi never stopped fighting for his people against the colonial rule. After he died, India was sat free in august 1947.

I know that this is a big story that made history in peace and silence. In silence there were no banners, no sirens, no speaking choirs, no aggression, there was just belief and hope. Whenever we oppose, when ever we demonstrate, we are loud. If you want to be seen gather with as many people as possible and protest in silence. Silence and peace is the loudest protest, it is the only way to make people understand that there is no aggression there is just hope.

As you already know, I come from a weird country and there is a strong sneak-out-factor everywhere but there are people that take the risk not matter what risk it is.

I would like to tell you a story that I experienced myself and I want to thank the person this way again.

I was on my way to work. I got on a tube (underground). There were many people inside. I stood right next to the door and there was this man following me inside the tube. He stood in the middle of the wagon and as soon as the tube left the station he started staring at me. Opposite me, there was a young black man sitting on a chair, he was watching the scenario. The man staring at me, all of a sudden started moving towards me. I was on the phone talking to my man. The stranger came really close and he grabbed my bottom. I pushed him aside and started telling him loud enough for everyone to hear, that he should step back and if he touches me again I will hit him in the face. He stepped back and everyone on the tube was taking care of their stuff except for the black man on the bench. He sat there like a cat ready to jump. The stranger approached again and this time he was trying to block me from the rest with my back on a glass wall. Suddenly this black man got up, squeezed himself between me and the man, backing me, his hands were making a wall between him and the stranger and by slowly walking ahead, he forced the stranger to walk backwards. The guy protecting me didn’t even show me his face, he didn’t talk, he just made this guy walk backwards until he sat and he kept him there by sitting right opposite him. When I got off the train the stranger came after me and the black man too. On the escalator, the black man stood between us again. Again no word was said. He took the stranger’s sleeve and made him pass me. The stranger ran off and the black man disappeared. He didn’t wait for a THANK YOU or anything he did it in order to protect, in a country as racist as mine. God bless the courageous, may God have an eye on them and prevent them from evil. I thanked him over the radio but I couldn’t even describe him. Probably he can read it now.

I seem to be one of the lucky women on this earth. I know many people or experience many situations that make me happy because I know that humanity still has a chance.

Here I would like to thank the administrator for giving me the chance to speak my mind. I thank him for not censoring my posts and I appreciate that he obviously is one of these people having the guts. Thank you Dear Admin!


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