Evolution? – 2

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evolution-2If you think that I finished my speech against racism and fascism, I have to disappoint you. I am far from being done! In case I, out of emotions, loose my ground and level down to their level, please excuse me.

This time there is no good side of the story. The country that I am talking about is the country that I was born and raised in! There is no mercy, no good experience that I want to mention! People out there hear me out loud: not all of us are like that! We have good ones too! Not all of us are irrational, disrespectful and full of hatred that we have to take out on those that can not defend themselves.

This person presenting her fascist and racist ideas over the catholic-church opted out of the very same one. So far to the good catholic. How far about the belief in the Ten Commandments? What about; You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour? This does not mean your next door neighbour and only if he believes like you, eats like you, looks like you and talks like you! What Christianity are you talking about? How come your party members dare to attack the head of the church in our country in this primitive way? Shame on your party spitting at an organisation that is in the mist! Is this your best shot? How good is your feeling, how satisfying is it to hang a dead? Can’t you imagine that you will be hanging before them? Yes hatred is as old as human history, racism is nothing new but the source differs to a religion. Do you really need to have people saying something in order to take it back the same day? Who are the ones teaching you how to talk? Who are the ones feeding you with correction lines? Believe me YOU will not help to take the church down! These people are more skilled than you!

She is talking about security for her nation? Which nation can she call hers? Is it her aim to live in a state full of opportunists and people not having a mind of their own?

How come that people voting for this party, if they are (as said) so strong minded and ready to oppose the majority, are to caitiff to say that they did? What are they scared of? You have the right to have your opinion, how come they only have one when they are in the polling booth but they leave it there? How come right-winged-extremists are only strong in groups? How come that these people are the ones that run first if you confront one of them all by him or herself? How come these so intelligent people have nothing to say when you try to discuss with them? How come these people are rhetorically skilled but what ever they say makes no sense or is nothing but hot air? How come your following forget what you said the day before yesterday? How come that they don’t even care? What level of intelligence is your target audience? How come you can withdraw what you said and you really think that nobody heard it? How come you judge nationalities, beliefs and skin colour? How come people living in a country that was always the melting pot of Europe even considers changing what made this tiny, uninteresting country on the globe interesting? HOW COME YOU TALK?

You kicked the elite out once and some of them never wanted or had the chance to come back. Now the intellectual elite are going to immigrate without your invitation. Keep your maroons and the result will be all yours!

There is a beautiful sentence that came to my mind and I think it makes a perfect match: It is easy to educate children but it is hard to later on love the result if you don’t know what you are doing.

People, intellectuals, educated gather and stand up to raise your voices, raise them against fascism before it is too late! People were laughing at Hitler and he brought us down. We are still carrying our burden; let us get rid of it NOW! We celebrated the day of the white rose; thousands of people came to remember the dead during the Holocaust. Don’t forget the words that were used then! Start reading between the lines! Remember our own history! Stop fighting the past! Don’t forget what was said yesterday! Avoid fascism in the present and future!

There are many things we could be proud of. Let us stop making fools out of ourselves and let these creatures not make fools and Nazis out of us! Stand up for your honour and stand up for your children’s right to LIFE no matter what origin, no matter what religion, no matter what!


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