I testify!

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Testify1Today I would like to write about something very unusual. I want to talk about the lyrics of one of my favourite songs, sung by Melissa Etheridge. The name of the song is “TESTIFY”.

I take what’s said as my daily dread

I turn the page and I turn my head

I pick I choose on the evening news

Cause by cause they fight and one by one they lose

Must I live my days in these concrete ways

Will the fire break through this smokey haze

And I swear tonight I’m gonna find that place

It’s not the love that dies but the understanding ways

I, I want to testify

my love still lives and breathes

and my soul is screaming why

the thoughts won’t let me sleep

don’t let hearts break

and don’t let children cry

before it gets too late

I want to testify

This is my favourite passage of the entire song. It is so soft and it is so caring and so bloody true, so natural and so direct. It speaks my mind, it describes my feelings exactly.

This song has a special meaning to me as it was guiding me in a time that I was trying to change things, fighting government beliefs, mentality issues and rules made by uneducated, unjustified prejudgements and primitive behaviour of my people towards foreigners. This song is the song that woke me up, the song that put my feet back on the ground when I stopped feeling it. It energized me and it gave me the power to fight in a time that I thought fighting is going to take me somewhere.

I called a radio station in my city and asked them to play this song for me, my man and against injustice, prejudices. The moderator on the radio played this song and called out to the people over the radio. He told them each and everyone that thinks that the foreigners’ policy in my country is leading to the wrong direction should be calling and asking for the very same song and they will play it as many times as the song is requested. They played this song 24 times within the next hour! I couldn’t believe the unity and I already had difficulties believing the moderation. But the best was that people were calling and said: “I hope to hear this song many more times”.

Cause by cause I fought one by one I lost but I knew and I know what I was fighting for and I would do it again not only because my man is worth it but also because all of a sudden I had the feeling that there are so many people out there feeling what I feel, breathing the same air and fighting for the same items.

I found out that there are no concrete ways as long as you turn your head and change your sight. You don’t have to see those defined and set-up guiding-lines. You can and should be the fire breaking through these smokey hazes.

And I swear tonight I’m gonna find that place

It’s not the love that dies but the understanding ways

This is the part where I have to turn the volume up to the utmost and sing so loud that my voice is smoky afterwards. When I feel the beat in the chair of the car and the steering-wheel I have the impression, I understand the meaning of love. I have no clue whether I really understand it and I don’t care. It is not like with math. It is like with a holy book; everybody pretends that he/she knows all about it until he/she meets an expert J I think my man made me an expert when it comes to the meaning of love. At the same time I think it is not necessary at all to be an expert as long as you think you are one.

Yes he made me testify not only my love towards him but also the way I look at life changed, not entirely but pretty much and to a better one, much more detailed and precise.

You might wonder what I am trying to say today! This is not only a laudation concerning my man as well as Melissa Etheridge, no I am trying to say that there is something triggering our brains to fight for something and to show our affection even if it is a song. Take the chance, don’t let it pass you. It is not a coincidence, it is there to make you do something and you will see the outcome will be much more than you expect.

I testify and I am proud of it.

I testify rather not sleeping than missing a chance.

I testify loving at all means at all costs.

I testify I will not stop shouting until I am heard.

I testify I LOVE life and people.

I testify I love that song and I think it is a great piece of mind!


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