Objective, Non-suggestible Press.

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free_pressHerewith I would like to congratulate your incorruptibility; your non-manipulative composure is not only demanding my deepest respect but also brings me down on my knees to worship you! This is what I call professionalism!

I am not only talking about the Italian TV channels, I am talking about the Austrians too, the Iraqi and the American, the Chinese and the Russian. I could continue listing them for ages, but I would love to give one special example, that is the most useless, destructive and idiotic that I can possibly think of. Not only that the idea was more than doubtful and senseless as the provoked action would have taken place anyway, it is also backfiring as it was dealt with so smart that the action was uncovered at spot! And now listen to the excuse used by one of the people in charge: “Of course the editor is going to invite the people he is shooting with for a coffee or a mineral-water on his private money it is an act of courtesy.” Courtesy? Courtesy to those that kick people with feet to ICU, great idea! Further Abraham Lincoln said: “It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” So these people drank coffee on the editor’s salary. And for another donation of 100€ the even released their personal rights of being seen in a documentary on TV, which they for sure had a problem with as their faces are fogged-up. How come these people really take us for that stupid? Good job helping the right-winged! Well-done morons!

There is an issue that is shaking many countries and as you know already my country too! It is right-wing-extremists. This issue is becoming bigger and bigger as more and more of these people start appearing and crawling out of their earth-holes where they normally or previously concealed. They crawl out like earthworms after rain with one big difference- earthworm are useful. They loosen-up the soil, contrasting the earthworms of our society tightening the social relationships, stifling the brain and lifting cowards and losers, which have no other choice but hatred in order to feel important. It is not difficult to join a club that no thinking individual wants to be part of. A fantastic quote of Harpo Marx is: “I Don’t Want to belong to any Club That Will Accept Me as a Member!” What a great sentence.

After some press agencies supported the irrational mental digestion-problems of the right orientated political parties. Now others are trying to point out the scary increasing number of extremist’s supporting those parties, in a really irreproducible way. They organised them to go to one of the right-winged party-assemblies and paying them like they pay other supernumeraries. Their official explanation is that these people wanted to go there anyway; they paid just for them to take cameras for the broadcaster along. Absolutely reasonable, a very good explanation and an entirely understandable point for everybody, that was not sure for whom to vote. That really made clear that the right-winged opposition party is supported my right winged extremists. I hope the creator of this stillborn idea is proud of himself!  Albert Einstein said the following and he spoke my mind: “What really interests me is whether God had any choice in the creation of the world.

Let me tell you a secret but please keep it and imbibe it! Fighting manipulation, corruption and abetting people to hate others does not work with equal weapons.

If you want to fight a worm don’t do it under the earth, it is their territory. They know each path and if you do too you should reconsider your values. If you fight and want to win, wait for the rain to come and meet the worm on your territory. When you won you can go down and look at its field of activity.

If you wanted to prove your incompetence and indirectly-directly support the ostensible enemy you did a great job, if not think about your methods.

I am always impressed by the shoreless capabilities of people in my country making us look stupid and then prove it immediately by their actions. Whenever I hear things like those there is this super Quote of Albert Einstein: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” This quote is very simply said timeless.

Let Plato have the last word: “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.


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