The Beauty Contest of Politicians.

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beauty_surgeryLong live the beauties of Italy. The beauty of the Italian politicians is the issue that we were all wandering about! We were waiting until it would be raised and thank God finally it was today.

Beauty is obviously in the lifted eye of the beholder, which has to know as he went under the knife for several reasons and some people say it is better like this.  I really wonder how politicians made it up to their positions without a beauty surgery. Don’t tell me that it was their programs or their knowledge? Can that be? So that would mean that these people voting are not a jury? They don’t judge what the head of state looks like in a bikini? I can’t believe that. If not so; how come only so few people go and vote for you guys?

Another thing that I don’t understand is: does the occupancy of more or less all TV channels in Italy not help anymore, do sentences like: “I am a fascist, vote for me!” not persuade people any more? The official fascistic, self-esteemed, self-overestimated head of the Italian government should start to think about a new career. He should be the beauty-pope for politicians all over the world. He could probably give the French head of state some hand to get more votes by a Botox treatment, suction lumpectomy of localized body fat or a hair implant, you never know! He is trying to change the setting of his party- don’t you guys interact, don’t you guys talk? Why are trying to grab the stars when help is lying in front of your feet?

We are highly impressed by your beauty! Plastic sergeants of the world, did you ever think of a new surgery which is focusing on the length of someone’s legs? Probably you should! We are highly impressed in comparison to your programs, your behavior and your intellectual output. Further I want to thank his opponent, which obviously is also not the brightest candle on the cake as she is answering to this verbal diarrhea. We are really proud to have you in the EC. You are good examples and we like your priorities. We all think it is good to have leaders like you guys and other countries should really adjust!

My God, can anybody tell me, what this is all about. Can anybody explain who cares about his physical beauty or his comments concerning his opposition party leaders? Can any body tell me what this intellectual protozoa gains out of this? Are we all sitting in a huge sandbox and fighting over shovels? Do you really believe that this is an issue something that even an intellectual novice would even smile at? Whom are you trying to fool? The very same person that says the people staying in the reception camp after the earthquake should look at their sojourn as a camping vacation. Italy was shocked! The world was shocked! The head of state was irritated, made such statements and recovered only by getting hair implants in order to put his life back on the track! He is almost incompatibly simple and homespun but he looked gorgeous holding these speeches, talking about camping vacation.

How come such people are running a country? How come people can be persuaded to vote for such people? How come these people smile and laugh to their jokes? Ok that was a really idiotic question! They don’t laugh beneath their level and they are the only ones that understand the entire complexity of their shallow joke.

Now let me reel my tongue back in and become a bit more reasonable. I am sorry if I hurt somebody’s feelings.

I just want to share one more thing. I really wonder what is going on in this world and how long God will stay patient. I wonder why we, whilst having serious issues to solve have to deal with bad and humiliating jokes or provocations of people that are there to guide us, to help the ones that need them. Why do we have to deal with people’s lack of intelligence in public? How come these people are empowered to deal with our state problems? How should people making this an item, a discussion ever understand what bothers the citizens and what topics are important to their people? This is not only a question I am asking myself looking at Italy. It sadly enough became a question that I ask myself more and more often watching the news, reading the papers and discussing about politics.

Politicians of the world you really want to know why we are sick and tired of politics. Let me tell you!

It is the fact that you promise what you can’t keep. Normally when you are friend with someone and he or she never keeps promises you let the person know that the friendship is over. What should make you so special that you think we vote for you again? A NEW LIE?

We are sick and tired because you somehow manage to fall short of each and every important topic and because scare tactics and politics seem more and more to become the same.

We are sick and tired of your exposure to the reality!


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