The Source of Trust, Love and Humanity.

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trust-love-humanityToday I would like to talk very unusually, raise an issue that is special and very important to me.

I want to talk about people that amaze me for many, various reasons, people that touched my heart, and non-celebrities that I know and admire for their attitude.

My first example of humanity is a real friend; I might say the best female friend one could have. She is honest, upright and a person standing for and behind her word. She fights for others rights and she doesn’t think about the consequences. She has an exact definition of justice and she doesn’t mind any thing like what the person is or which position the person is in. She is like a safety pin; she is like a parachute in free fall. Let me give you an example. She was working as a welfare worker integrating children of all ages, origins and social backgrounds but mostly in difficult situations. I went to her work to pick her up one day. There were youngsters that obviously experienced thing that we might not even imagine and they adjusted their behaviours to their surrounding. After the first two minutes being with these youngsters I really felt seriously uncomfortable. When she entered the room and she said hi to me the attitude of these manly boys changed to a very respectful one. When she went to get her stuff I asked them what changed their minds and the answer was: “It is the way she treats us, the way she takes us serious and the way she helps us when we fight each other, she is just a good person. Her friends are our friends”.  When I told her what they told me, she shortly replied that she is doing what she knows best.

The second example is a very good friend of mine and my sibling. She is stunning in a different way. She came from Far East and moved to my country. She didn’t speak our language at all. She came here because of the talent of her two children. These two, a boy and a girl, are great violinists and got the chance to study here. This young woman took her children and stuff to give her children the chance to full fill their lives and to have a good one. She had to leave her husband behind as she didn’t get a working permit. She lives here because she loves her children to the extent that she puts herself in the second or third row. When you sit with her and her children you can feel the appreciation towards each other, the love and care for one another. The only thing they are ashamed of is when they didn’t think of the other for a fraction of a second. They are pure love.

I want to mention in the third place, my best male friend. I met him online first. He changed my path softly, slowly, without pressure, like the wings of a butterfly. Humanity is not even in his vocabulary any more because it reached his heart, he doesn’t need the word anymore. Each sentence, each joke, each written line was packed with love towards life and respect towards me. The things he sees are the same ones children see. The excitement for every God’s creation is unreal and the way he talks was new to me. He only opens his mouth to talk positive things. When he tells something negative he warns you before. I don’t know how to put it but he is one of the people that I would call walking humanity without being “holy” if you know what I mean.

Another of these people is a girl I know from work. She is so full of life and joy. She is dealing with consciousness and is into the fashion business. I had many talks to and with her. I have to admit that the way she looks at life often gives me a hint of how to go about my own life. She always finds something positive about everything. She had hard times, may God give me the power to take the negligible situations in my life just half as brave as she does the heavy ones and still smile. Her way of living humanity is great and her way of not mentioning it, is even more important. It is easy to stick to human rights if everybody admires you for it but the very same action is entirely different to deal with when nobody knows about you taking it.

There is love, there is respect, humanity, purity and care in each of us. We just have to see it, be aware of it. There is humanity we just have to know how to get inflicted, how to catch it, like we catch the flue. We stopped realizing these things and we stopped putting them in the correct place. We diminished loving ourselves, life and the others. WHY???



  1. sista j

    My dear sister, I love you…
    Let me quote from Abdullah Yusuf Ali from the book ‘The Choice’ page 156, written from Ahmed Deedat:
    “What can we do to make god’s light shine forth through the darkness around us?
    We must first let it shine in our own true selves.
    With that light in the niche of our inmost hearts we can walk with steps both firm and sure.
    We can humbly visit the comfortless and guide their steps. Not we, but the light will guide!
    But oh! The joy of being found worthy to bear the torch, and to say to our brethren:’I too was in darkness, comfortless, and behold, I have found comfort and joy in the grace divine!’
    Thus should we pay the dues of brotherhood,
    by walking humbly side by side,
    in the ways of the lord,
    with mutual aid and comfort,
    and heartfelt prayer,
    backed by action,
    that god’s good purpose may be accomplished in us all together!”

  2. Hirpit

    Thank you for those beautiful words, thank you for being my friend, thank you for taking a part of my heart, thank you for being the way you are, thank you for never letting me down, thank you for your shoulder when I need it.
    Thank God for you and the light you bring to the people that get the chance knowing you!

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