You Are Not Your Name.

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237WoodboroughHillWiltshire10thAugust2009-WheatL2You are not your name. You are not your possessions. You are not what you do. You are not your religion. You are not your belief systems. You are neither your programming nor your conditions. You are not your thought. You are not your emotions.

Your job is not in the office. It is to remember who you, what you are.

You are not your body or even your mind. You are not your life. Not a human playing a spiritual game but a spiritual being playing a human game.

You are consciousness, a point of view, a point of awareness a point of light.

The earth is a school for soul evolution. You came here to evolve your consciousness. The body is a vehicle. We use it to enter this dimension.

The five senses perceive our reality, our dimension but it is not the only one. Dimensions are realities, in which consciousness happens. When you look around, you know that what you see is not real as you think it is.

Understand that the systems in place began with corruption and we fall to the power of love found in each heart.

Wherever you are, whenever you are, remember that Time is not real. Time is and illusion created by your mind in response to the movement of light and shadows across the earth. With Time and Thoughts, we created Fear(Fear is also an illusion). Fear keeps us enslaved to this reality to be done with it, replace it with Love. With your Imagination, you direct how your world happens around you.

Imagine if you could actually do what you imagined. You can AWAKEN.

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  1. tiborsua

    maybe what we are is not so much one singular essence but rather a coglomeration of -maybe even beings.. like the summ of my organisme..

  2. Author

    Thanks for the comment. Think yourself every morning go to a room, filled with zillions of monitor/screens of experiences and you have the remote control. You decide which movie you want to live that specific day. You create your own day. Or think this way: While you’re thinking something, try to be aware of what it is that gives you the information that you’re actually thinking. Many calls it “observer”.
    In the movie “matrix”, Morpheus says to Neo: Body can’t live without mind. I believe we are big enough to expand the universe with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, everyday.

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